Wednesday, July 13, 2011

how to concentrate in Solah?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته!

 Holla~ okey, today i want to let u know how to concentrate in ur praying....b4 that i dont know too how to do it..1 day, my teacher asked me to handle usrah in my school..i form5 that, i handle my junior in form1..we discuss about, 1 of them asked me "sis, how to concentrate in our praying?" Honestly, i dont know n blurred to answer that, bcz i havnt a lot of (ilmu) that, i just said : " i dont know now..but, let's me asked our teacher first" so, they another day..i asked my teacher about, my teacher answer so u know wht the ans?? 

mcm mana nk khusyuk klo asyik ingt bnda laen??

the answer is: b4 u want to pray..u should take the wudhu' right? so, when u take ur wudhu' u must get with perfect wudhu' and the doa while and after finished ur wudhu', ready to pray..dont think about other thing..and read surah An-nas b4 ur pray..i.Allah..u'll get concentrate in ur praying.."

so easy right..but, why i not think about that?? huhu...ouh, i still learn okey..:) so, can we concentrate?? YES!! we can..(^__^) u want try it? so, All the best..

note: sory if my eng not good as yours..bcz i still learn, learn and learn..please help me out..:) thanx..

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