Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i fall in Love with.....^___~

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ورضوانه ومغفرته

okey..i want to story mory with my diaryon9 nie..
after i hardworking to give happy 4 myself...and not happy i get..but frust..crazy frust..hurm..
(apa yg aku merepek nih) huhu..sory dear friend..;)
okey2..we start with my topic..what the topic eh??
hehe..i fall in <3 with.....jengjengjeng..
haa..msty da curious kan??chill guys..
i juz fall with the singer team - Shinee Oppa's-
i'm not fall in luv with some1 or boy personally..
bcz i'm not the couplewoman okeys..(poyogilakayataku)
ye lah..as a Muslims, we should'nt couple and trouble with that..cz its forhibidden okey...
u all know HARAM..n then bila kita couple..xsmestinya kita kawen ngn dye kan??(ceramahlaplakminahnie)

okey2..focus on that..Shinee Oppa's..
uwaaa~ seriously, i become carzy with their songs..
n them?? urm..not bad la..dr artis mlaysia..huhu...
u can see their pic later..hehe..

* see this..soo cute..

let's see them..(^____^)

 * this pic in realty show (helobaby)

 * jonghyun oppa 
 * onew oppa
 * minhoo oppa
 *key oppa
 *shinee oppa's*

* taemin oppa

* the most song i like..creadit to shinee oppa

p/s: sory if u dont like them or my post..but i dont care..hehe..bz saranghae shinee oppa dush3..huh..

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